Survival Fishing Spear – Small Perch For Dinner

Forest spearfishing with a modular pole spear designed for easy carry during hiking, camping and survival. I was camping in the forest for a weekend and went out to catch a couple quick perch. With only a mask and a spear it is possible to quickly catch some dinner. I did not have a wetsuit […]

Lake Spearfishing – Finland: Summer 2015

Lake Spearfishing in Finland – Summer 2015 This video was placed number 12 in the Il Pescatore in Apnea 2016 video award. Thanks for the support! 4 lakes 4 techniques 4 shots 4 fish species 00:32 Scene 1 Technique: Floating Log Target: Northern Pike (Esox lucius) 01:28 Scene 2 Technique: Surface Patrol Target: Freshwater Bream […]

Man vs. Crab: Finland 2015 – Lake Freediving with a signal crayfish

The largest freshwater crab I’ve seen had claws that made its swimming look strange. The signal crayfish was released after this harassment and hopefully there will be more big claws in the future. Mad Caddies – Wet Dog

Pike Shot 2017 – Spearfishing Northern Pike in Finland

Lake spearfishing in Finland, June 2017. This Northern Pike (Esox Lucius) was 2,5 kg in weight.

Spearfishing in the US – Santa Catalina Island Polespearing

I took my polespear and a self made flasher to Two Harbors in Catalina Island near Los Angeles. The flasher seemed to work but I had difficulties estimating the distance and size of a new fish species (never seen a YT before). Therefore my attempt of catching anything was pathetic. The conditions were good and […]

Hammerhead Shark Encounter in Key West: Bonnethead Shark Meets a Snorkeler

The bonnethead shark or shovelhead, Sphyrna tiburo, is the smallest member of the hammerhead shark family. These are very shy and often caught with rod and reel instead of underwater encounter like this. At least I could not quickly find a similar underwater footage of a bonnethead in the wild… I was very surprised to […]

Freediving in the US – La Jolla Cove, San Diego

Freediving in La Jolla with some calico bass, lobster, abalone, sea gull, halfmoon, sheephead, perch and a zebra perch. The Real McKenzies – Culling the Herd

Lake Spearfishing Finland 2015: Pike Shot With a Self Made Pole Spear – DIY Spearfishing

I was introducing spearfishing to a new friend and wanted him to shoot this pike. It was a perfect opportunity for him to get a fish on the first spearfishing trip ever. We saw this fish almost immediately so I guess it was too soon and he was not too comfortable to handle the gun […]

Spearfishing: How to catch, prepare and cook Northern Pike

Here’s my style of handling a slime tube, also known as the Northern Pike. First wear some rubber and find a fish. Then use a spear to catch the fish. Pike is very slimy so I prefer to remove the skin completely. It is not too easy, but can be done on a small sized […]

Freediving: Under The Ice In Finland – Päijänne On The Rocks 2016

A quick session under the ice 19.3.2016 in Lehmonkärki, lake Päijänne. It was my first time to dive a distance between two holes. At half way I thought I was going to die… Many thanks to the organizers and fellow divers! The Crystal Method – Born Too Slow