Upcoming Giveaway – Κλήρωση – Di Fiore Spearfishing G-95 ✔

A giveaway is soon to come and one of you will win this amazing speargun,crafted by Di Fiore Spearfishing,with a final price of 650€! All you have to do,is follow the steps provided… Subscribe and stay tuned for details…in the next vid! Mια μεγάλη κλήρωση πλησιάζει και ένας από εσάς,θα κερδίσει αυτό το υπέροχο όπλο […]

Vertical Jigging, Huge African Pompano, Kayak Fishing

First of all, I’m sorry for not posting videos to often, I wish I had more time to fish, but responsibilities come first….It has been over a month since the last time I went fishing for many reasons…work, weather, etc… Finally, this Saturday, May 9th I went back to Dania Beach, one of my favorites […]

Spearfishing Catch n Cook – Barley with seafood – Ψαροντούφεκο – Μανέστρα με θαλασσινά ✔

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Spearfishing – The story of a gun – Ψαροντούφεκο – Η ιστορία ενός όπλου ✔

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Σφυρίδες με ψαροντούφεκο στον Σαρωνικό – Spearfishing White groupers in the Saronic ✔

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Spearfishing – What’s it all about? – Tί είναι πραγματικά το ψαροντούφεκο; ✔

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http://www.gekito.com/blog/detail/?aid=2144 http://www.gekito.com/blog/detail/?aid=2283 Rod : ZENAQ MUTHOS 110HH (http://www.zenaq.com/) Total Fight Time:45 min Reel:Daiwa Saltiga Z4500 Jig : OWNER GEKITO JIG 105gr Assist HOOK:OWNER SF-38 7/0 Braid : YGK PE4 Leader:YGK Fluorocarbon 0,62——————— Fishing is a way to make your Dreams come true..and everyone has the right to dream! Shore Jigging is a special jig casting […]

Λουτσοι – Τουνες Spearfishing Barracudas – Bluefin Tunas

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Ψαροντούφεκο στο νησί της Αποκάλυψης – Spearfishing the island of the Apocalypse ✔

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