Freediving with an Expert

Sea Turtles are expert freedivers. Turtles can rest or sleep underwater for several hours at a time but submergence time is much shorter while diving for food or to escape predators. Breath-holding ability is affected by activity and stress, which is why turtles drown in shrimp trawls and other fishing gear within a relatively short […]

Upcoming Giveaway – Κλήρωση – Di Fiore Spearfishing G-95 ✔

A giveaway is soon to come and one of you will win this amazing speargun,crafted by Di Fiore Spearfishing,with a final price of 650€! All you have to do,is follow the steps provided… Subscribe and stay tuned for details…in the next vid! Mια μεγάλη κλήρωση πλησιάζει και ένας από εσάς,θα κερδίσει αυτό το υπέροχο όπλο […]

Spearfishing Catch n Cook – Barley with seafood – Ψαροντούφεκο – Μανέστρα με θαλασσινά ✔

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Pesca Sub | Liguria, Moneglia: ma che bel giramento di eliche | Spearfishing, Chasse sous-marine

Dopo un mese e mezzo di lontananza dalle acque liguri ritorna “il classico” della domenica in compagnia di Rob & Ste. Dunque solito ritrovo in tarda mattinata, solita pescata “turistica” nel pomeriggio e solito traffico delirante per rientrare a Milano in nottata. A luglio ogni angolo di Liguria è ormai invaso da barche e turisti, […]

Spearfishing – The story of a gun – Ψαροντούφεκο – Η ιστορία ενός όπλου ✔

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German Spearfishing Channel – New Intro

Intro for the German Spearfishing Channel, all about Spearfishing, building Spearguns, Cooking and fishing. Alot of Tutorials, Guides, Equipment Reviews, Recipes, Seafood, explore and travel. If you have any Questions, just comment and i will answer. Im happy to have u onboard! You can find more amazing German/English Spearfishing and Fishing Content on my Blog: […]

Σφυρίδες με ψαροντούφεκο στον Σαρωνικό – Spearfishing White groupers in the Saronic ✔

Spearfishing in Greece Κατάλληλο για όλους #SpearfishingLife #SpearfishingGreece

Pescasub: Thorpedo RI-MK 93 – Lo scoppia cernie

Una nuova configurazione che mi sta dando tante soddisfazioni (un pò meno al mio sterno). Tiri potenti e precisi!! Il 93 è il segmento che preferisco per gli agguati, corto ma molto potente.. Spero vi piaccia!!A presto e buon mare.

Tutorial – How to rig up a Speargun

This is a small Tutorial how to rig your Speargun step by step. Get started with Spearfishing. Nylon + Sleeve Kit on Amazon: Good and cheap Crimps (also for Gun rigging): -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Tutorial – Build your own Floatline for 15$ – Spearfishing” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- You can find more amazing German/English Spearfishing and Fishing Content […]

Spearfishing – What’s it all about? – Tί είναι πραγματικά το ψαροντούφεκο; ✔

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