New Brunswick Bear Hunt 2018

Marty and Doug head to New Brunswick, Canada to see if Marty can tag his first Black Bear. Also in camp with us, the crew from “The Final Draw” seen on the Sportsman Channel. We arrive at Nictau Lodge and what a top rate outfitter this is. Check them out if you are looking to […]

Arctic Red River Outfitters Dall Sheep/ Caribou Hunt 2013

Our first hunt of the year with Arctic Red River Outfitters, featuring Steve Davie. We had a very successful hunt and harvested two beautiful animals on the same day: a 12 year old Dall Sheep and a 380+ B&C Mountain Caribou.

Ultraskiff – Girl VS Giant Fish Crazy Broken Rod

Check out our website!!! Welcome to The Challenge #3. This is the 3rd year in a row Ultraskiff went to the East Coast to film with Capt Ben Chancey and Chew on this. This time Ben brought his daughter Lexis to take a ride in the Ultraskiff and tangle with Goliath Grouper and Sharks. […]

Lake Spearfishing – Finland: Summer 2015

Lake Spearfishing in Finland – Summer 2015 This video was placed number 12 in the Il Pescatore in Apnea 2016 video award. Thanks for the support! 4 lakes 4 techniques 4 shots 4 fish species 00:32 Scene 1 Technique: Floating Log Target: Northern Pike (Esox lucius) 01:28 Scene 2 Technique: Surface Patrol Target: Freshwater Bream […]

Κυνήγι λαγού Ρόδος – Hare hunting Rhodes Εκπαιδευτικό 6 με τέτοιο Λαγωνικό που να πάει

Τα σκυλιά εντοπίζουν 3 μονές του λαγού στην αρχή στην προσπάθεια του να τα μπερδέψει πριν το τελικό του κάθισμα άλλα αν έχεις φίλο Λαγωνικό πως να την γλυτώσει!! Σορρυ για την κακή λήψη αλλά ο ήλιος δεν μου επέτρεπε να δω σωστά στην οθόνη ως αποτέλεσμα να τραβάω τον γάμο του καραγκιόζη… Δράση στο […]

Bear de Guerre | Pink Panther Cartoons | The Inspector

The Inspector goes quail hunting, but keeps running into bears. The Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline was first created in 1964. Subscribe for more Official Pink Panther content from MGM: New episodes of will be uploaded every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday! […]

Keklik Avı Sivas 4/5 Partridge Hunting in Turkey

Armsan Silah Sanayi, Armtac Taktik Savunma, Av, Atış Tüfekleri Armsan Firearms, Armtac Tactical Defense Hunting Shotguns Armsan Sivas’ta 2011 yılında Keklik Avı. Keklik Avına ilk sezonda oldukça iyi sonuçlar aldık. Sezonun ilk keklikleri oldukça güzeldi. Armsan tüfeklerle keklik avında ne sonuçlar alındı sizlerde göreceksiniz… Tüm avcılarımıza 2011 sezonunda başarılar dileriz. Armsan Haber Almak İçin Kanala […]

Seafoodhunt – Catching a two kilogram Lobster by hand

A video how to catch Lobster (Hummer/ Homarus gammarus/ Homard) completely bare handed in really cold water. You can find more amazing German/English Spearfishing and Fishing Content on my Blog: Searching for Spearfishing Spots? You will find amazing Spearfishing Spot Maps on:

Hunting turtle dove with air gun by hunting and hiking

A full hd of dslr video of birds pigeons hunting by air gun in desert. Hunting and hiking.

NSP:048 Adventureman Dan Byrne travelling the world spearfishing on a shoestring

Interview with Adventureman Dan Byrne Adventureman Dan pictured holding up the large New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish talked about in this episode Interview with a young American bloke traveling the world spearfishing. This interview comes from a listener request (James Fisher) and Dan was good enough to join us over skype while he was in South […]