Slow Trolling For King Mackerel With Downriggers – Florida Sport Fishing TV – Florida Sport Fishing TV S02/Ep11: With Hurricane Isaac bearing down on South Florida, the Florida Sport Fishing crew head out in search of a hot bite.Using downriggers, we target king mackerel in 80 to 200 feet of water off the Broward/Palm Beach County area. New videos every Sunday 9PM.

New Brunswick Bear Hunt 2018

Marty and Doug head to New Brunswick, Canada to see if Marty can tag his first Black Bear. Also in camp with us, the crew from “The Final Draw” seen on the Sportsman Channel. We arrive at Nictau Lodge and what a top rate outfitter this is. Check them out if you are looking to […]

Ultraskiff – Girl VS Giant Fish Crazy Broken Rod

Check out our website!!! Welcome to The Challenge #3. This is the 3rd year in a row Ultraskiff went to the East Coast to film with Capt Ben Chancey and Chew on this. This time Ben brought his daughter Lexis to take a ride in the Ultraskiff and tangle with Goliath Grouper and Sharks. […]

Lake Spearfishing – Finland: Summer 2015

Lake Spearfishing in Finland – Summer 2015 This video was placed number 12 in the Il Pescatore in Apnea 2016 video award. Thanks for the support! 4 lakes 4 techniques 4 shots 4 fish species 00:32 Scene 1 Technique: Floating Log Target: Northern Pike (Esox lucius) 01:28 Scene 2 Technique: Surface Patrol Target: Freshwater Bream […]

Trabucco TV – Surfcasting – La scaduta imperfetta

Trabucco TV – Surfcasting – La scaduta imperfetta con Giuseppe Alesi – Trabucco Surf Team Website: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter!/TrabuccoFishing Pesca” pesca Mero “El Mero” Fisch fisch Schalungskantel vissen “andare a pesca” fiche frugare gettone pescare pesce peixe peixes pescar pescado pescar “pez poisson” pycher ψάρια 魚 물고기 […]

Trolling Tips with Halco

Ben and Tim offer some basic trolling tips for Mackerel.

船釣篇04-到處走釣- 坐船5分鐘,看人拉大魚 2018 6月 (黑水 鐵板 slow jigging 釣魚 船釣 )

船釣篇04-到處走釣- 坐船5分鐘,看人拉大魚 2018 6月 在旁邊看人拉大魚,很是享受 演出: 阿周 李老師 阿翔 小謝 郭大哥 Leomo 里歐墨 黑水墨

How to Tie Spearfishing Knots | ADRENO

A good knot could be the difference between you keeping or losing some of your expensive gear or the fish of the year. With Adreno’s Taylor Slattery, learn how to tie a constrictor knot, a double opposing noose knot, bowline knot, half hitch and all the other knots that you’ll need to know about! These […]

Vertical Jigging, Huge African Pompano, Kayak Fishing

First of all, I’m sorry for not posting videos to often, I wish I had more time to fish, but responsibilities come first….It has been over a month since the last time I went fishing for many reasons…work, weather, etc… Finally, this Saturday, May 9th I went back to Dania Beach, one of my favorites […]

Fishing Tips : How to Cast a Spinning Reel

When using a spinning reel, a fisherman will often use a trigger mechanism that lets the fishing line out. Cast a spinning reel by letting go of the trigger when the line should be released with help from a fishing guide in this free video on fishing for beginners. Expert: Mark Senosk Bio: Mark Senosk […]