Spearfishing in the US – Santa Catalina Island Polespearing

I took my polespear and a self made flasher to Two Harbors in Catalina Island near Los Angeles. The flasher seemed to work but I had difficulties estimating the distance and size of a new fish species (never seen a YT before). Therefore my attempt of catching anything was pathetic. The conditions were good and […]

Tutorial – DIY 20$ Professional Pole Spear – Hawaiian Sling – Step by Step

A Tutorial how you build a durable Pole Spear/ Hawaiian Sling Spear out of common Materials. All you need is some walking sticks, epoxy and some minor materials. The fittings from the video you can buy here: The Handle Gripband from the video you can buy here: Epoxyd Resin: If you have questions or anything […]

Alaska Moose Hunting Success #3

Learn how to call here, no stupid techniques, just 3 simple calls you can master in minutes! These work year after year, hunt after hunt. If you aren’t ‘calling’ during your moose hunts you are drastically decreasing your success. Leave a comment if you have another way that works great!



German Spearfishing Channel – New Intro

Intro for the German Spearfishing Channel, all about Spearfishing, building Spearguns, Cooking and fishing. Alot of Tutorials, Guides, Equipment Reviews, Recipes, Seafood, explore and travel. If you have any Questions, just comment and i will answer. Im happy to have u onboard! You can find more amazing German/English Spearfishing and Fishing Content on my Blog: […]

Spearfishing: How to catch, prepare and cook Northern Pike

Here’s my style of handling a slime tube, also known as the Northern Pike. First wear some rubber and find a fish. Then use a spear to catch the fish. Pike is very slimy so I prefer to remove the skin completely. It is not too easy, but can be done on a small sized […]

DIY No Drill Trolling Motor on Kayak | Feelfree Lure 11.5

Got this idea from a guy on a Facebook Group ( Thanks Corey!), and decided it was the best route for me to mount a trolling motor on my kayak. Doing a no drill mount was a big thing for me, and it ended up working great. Here’s a little more detail on how I […]

3-piece Travel Pole Spear – Spearfishing Wrasse

I prepared myself a good lunch from this mediterranean wrasse. Ska-P – Seguimos enpie

Tutorial – How to rig up a Speargun

This is a small Tutorial how to rig your Speargun step by step. Get started with Spearfishing. Nylon + Sleeve Kit on Amazon: Good and cheap Crimps (also for Gun rigging): -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Tutorial – Build your own Floatline for 15$ – Spearfishing” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- You can find more amazing German/English Spearfishing and Fishing Content […]

DIY – How to build your own Fish Stringer – Spearfishing

A do it yourself Tutorial how to build your own Fish Stringer for Spearfishing. You will never go out without this with your Speargun again when you tried it once. Cheap Nylon Chord for the Stringer on Amazon: 10x cheep Stainless Snap Links for the Stringer on Amazon: Greetings! You can find more amazing German/English […]