How To Choose Dive Fins | ADRENO

Adreno’s Lucas Handley, The Underwater Hunter, summarises the differences in dive fin types. Choosing the right fin is vital to give yourself the best performance in the water. Fins are designed for different purposes and for different people depending on their body type. General snorkelling fins are comfortable and generally cheaper than most fins, perfect […]

Seafoodhunt – Catching a two kilogram Lobster by hand

A video how to catch Lobster (Hummer/ Homarus gammarus/ Homard) completely bare handed in really cold water. You can find more amazing German/English Spearfishing and Fishing Content on my Blog: Searching for Spearfishing Spots? You will find amazing Spearfishing Spot Maps on:

How To Choose a Mask | ADRENO

With so many options on the market, figuring out how to choose a dive mask can be a challenge! In this video, Adreno’s Luke Latham buffs out some of the difficulties in choosing a mask to help you make the right decision. When choosing a dive mask it’s important to remember that how it fits […]

Pike Shot 2017 – Spearfishing Northern Pike in Finland

Lake spearfishing in Finland, June 2017. This Northern Pike (Esox Lucius) was 2,5 kg in weight.

NSP:048 Adventureman Dan Byrne travelling the world spearfishing on a shoestring

Interview with Adventureman Dan Byrne Adventureman Dan pictured holding up the large New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish talked about in this episode Interview with a young American bloke traveling the world spearfishing. This interview comes from a listener request (James Fisher) and Dan was good enough to join us over skype while he was in South […]

Chasse sous marine – Sept – Nouvelle Calédonie

Join me on Facebook to see every pictures and more videos : Antony Lampa prod Quelques image récentes de ce début de mois de septembre 2014 dans le lagon calédonien.

How To Make a Speargun Rubber | ADRENO

Wondering how to make a speargun rubber? Adreno’s Sam Cox demonstrates the easy construction of a speargun rubber. We also have another video that shows the close up of the knot tying process in more detail here: Choosing the correct length of rubber to suit your gun and the conditions you’re hunting in is […]

On first dive i found the Queen, Second dive i took her home – Spearfishing Dentex As soon as i touched the sea floor a pack of small bream surrounded me. I knew the queen was near, and sure enough she made her approach. On my second dive i knew exactly what i had to do to take her home with me:)

Pesca Sub | Liguria, Moneglia: ma che bel giramento di eliche | Spearfishing, Chasse sous-marine

Dopo un mese e mezzo di lontananza dalle acque liguri ritorna “il classico” della domenica in compagnia di Rob & Ste. Dunque solito ritrovo in tarda mattinata, solita pescata “turistica” nel pomeriggio e solito traffico delirante per rientrare a Milano in nottata. A luglio ogni angolo di Liguria è ormai invaso da barche e turisti, […]