Survival Fishing Spear – Small Perch For Dinner

Forest spearfishing with a modular pole spear designed for easy carry during hiking, camping and survival. I was camping in the forest for a weekend and went out to catch a couple quick perch. With only a mask and a spear it is possible to quickly catch some dinner. I did not have a wetsuit […]

pesca in apnea CERNIA 5kg in 1 metro di fondo

Ogni tanto una bella botta di culo ci vuole !!

Lake Spearfishing – Finland: Summer 2015

Lake Spearfishing in Finland – Summer 2015 This video was placed number 12 in the Il Pescatore in Apnea 2016 video award. Thanks for the support! 4 lakes 4 techniques 4 shots 4 fish species 00:32 Scene 1 Technique: Floating Log Target: Northern Pike (Esox lucius) 01:28 Scene 2 Technique: Surface Patrol Target: Freshwater Bream […]

Capture d’un Gros Homard en chasse sous marine – Big Lobster

Comment capturer un gros Homard en chasse sous marine – La technique utilisé dans cette vidéo est celle du crochet, le but est de l’introduire derrière le homard pour toucher sa queue, ce dernier se retourne alors pour faire face au danger, il ne reste plus qu’a tendre le bras et le saisir avec vivacité […]

pescasub sottocosta in TANA per la FESTA DEL PAPA 2017

Con molta umilta’ provo ad insegnare la PESCA IN TANA !!! a mio figlio !!

Man vs. Crab: Finland 2015 – Lake Freediving with a signal crayfish

The largest freshwater crab I’ve seen had claws that made its swimming look strange. The signal crayfish was released after this harassment and hopefully there will be more big claws in the future. Mad Caddies – Wet Dog

Seafoodhunt – Catching a two kilogram Lobster by hand

A video how to catch Lobster (Hummer/ Homarus gammarus/ Homard) completely bare handed in really cold water. You can find more amazing German/English Spearfishing and Fishing Content on my Blog: Searching for Spearfishing Spots? You will find amazing Spearfishing Spot Maps on:

pesca in apnea sottocosta

Agguatando c’e’ sempre nella mia mente un pesce dietro ….l’angolo !!!