How To Choose Dive Fins | ADRENO

Adreno’s Lucas Handley, The Underwater Hunter, summarises the differences in dive fin types. Choosing the right fin is vital to give yourself the best performance in the water. Fins are designed for different purposes and for different people depending on their body type. General snorkelling fins are comfortable and generally cheaper than most fins, perfect […]

How to Tie Spearfishing Knots | ADRENO

A good knot could be the difference between you keeping or losing some of your expensive gear or the fish of the year. With Adreno’s Taylor Slattery, learn how to tie a constrictor knot, a double opposing noose knot, bowline knot, half hitch and all the other knots that you’ll need to know about! These […]

How To Choose a Mask | ADRENO

With so many options on the market, figuring out how to choose a dive mask can be a challenge! In this video, Adreno’s Luke Latham buffs out some of the difficulties in choosing a mask to help you make the right decision. When choosing a dive mask it’s important to remember that how it fits […]

How to Choose A Type of Speargun Rubber | ADRENO

There are many types of speargun rubbers, all with different purposes in mind. Adreno’s Trevor Ketchion takes us through the different types of powerbands for spearfishing and talks about which rubbers works best in different conditions. The standard USA latex 16mm rubber has a decent internal diamteter hole, standard latex and black UV coating. It […]

How To Make a Speargun Rubber | ADRENO

Wondering how to make a speargun rubber? Adreno’s Sam Cox demonstrates the easy construction of a speargun rubber. We also have another video that shows the close up of the knot tying process in more detail here: Choosing the correct length of rubber to suit your gun and the conditions you’re hunting in is […]

Rob Allen Tuna Roller Gun | ADRENO

We’ve just unboxed the new Rob Allen Tuna Rollergun. Wayne Judge covers the possibilities open to spearos with this new, top of the market speargun. This new rollergun is nothing to be disappointed about. Despite the new technology they have delved into, it’s a high quality gun that you’ll want to get your hands on. […]

Spearfishing Mangrove Jack Tutorial | ADRENO

Mangrove Jack are a snapper species that excite most veteran spearos. Adreno’s Trevor Ketchion shares his tips on how to land a Jack when spearfishing. Mangrove Jack love ledgy areas, areas with large cracks as well as shipwrecks as this allows them to hide and ambush their prey as it passes by. Bait fish are […]

How to Choose A Dive Knife | ADRENO

You will need to carry a dive knife with you every time that you go spearfishing. A dagger is perfect for spearfishing as it has a pointed tip to spike your fish, a smoothly sharpened blade for slicing fish for burly, and a serrated edge for cutting through ropes. It is also important to consider […]

Spearfishing Spanish Mackerel Tutorial | ADRENO

Spanish Mackerel are hard fighters and a challenging catch, they are a dream fish for any new spearo. Adreno’s Wayne Judge explains it isn’t too difficult and how to spear one. Body language is the most common mistake. If you make yourself too obvious by looking too hard and long, quickly pulling your gun or […]