Ruger 10/22 Rabbit Control

The humble .22LR is, in my opinion one of the best rabbit stopping rounds available here in the UK. In this episode I take a trip to Norfolk, to assist in reducing there numbers in a paddock. Set in a fantastic location. A mini shooters paradise if you like. To take on these little hole digging critters.
There is also a Fox causing a little grief for the landowner, so I also take along my HMR. Its not my typical Fox shooting calibre however at up to 100 yards, it’ll drop them just as good as a big calibre.
However, I wasn’t happy with the performance of the ammo or the rifle, so actually left it at home. I took my .223 in case Charlie made an appearance. Turns out it didn’t. But I did have plenty of fun dispatching 90% of the rabbits I went for.

For those of you new to the channel, Hi. My name is Robin, I control a number of pests here in the UK with a multitude of rifles and shotguns.
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