How To Vertical Jig For River Walleyes –

A Few More Tips and Tricks!

1. The wind speeds up and slows down the current. The best current is a strong one for any river jigging.

2. The Detroit River is 32 miles long, and drains out in 20 hours, so in 8 hours you will drift 12.8 miles.

3. The best time to fish rivers is when fish are migrating, no matter what the species. They could be doing so to spawn or feed.

4. The current on the bottom is slower, which allows fish to turn to hit the bait

5. North winds muddy up Lake St. Clair upriver, and in turn creates poor clarity down the Detroit. Find the clearest water possible.

6. Always watch the graph for clutter on the bottom few feet of the water column. If it looks sterile, move somewhere else.

7. Studies show there is only half of a degree difference in water temp from top to bottom in the river, so when the surface is 44 degrees, they are spawning

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